Crown Cinema & Little Theatre

Enjoy a movie at Crown Cinema in Lancaster, SC with affordable concessions and convenient  showtimes at reasonable rates.

Crown Cinema is your destination for the latest movies in Lancaster at affordable prices with concessions priced lower than what you find at the big guys. It's this personalized approach that makes a difference when it comes to your complete movie-going experience. Ask how you can get your favorite movie poster, new or old, starting at $5. We present many of the top movies at convenient showtimes without tacking on extra fees or charging a small fortune for popcorn and other treats. Our emphasis is on the actual enjoyment of going to the movies.

Crown Cinema showtimes are convenient. We offer a variety of showtimes for most popular movies. Each theater is clean with comfortable seating. We do our best to ensure that all showtimes listed are accurate. You can access our showtimes through this site, on our  Facebook pages or just give us a call on our movie lines. From popcorn to goobers, we have a complete concession area with all the movie favorites you want. Our concession prices are more reasonable than what you're likely to find at the bigger movie chains.

We have a passion for the experience of seeing a movie the way it was meant to be seen -- up on the big screen only found at a movie theater -- that's often missing from the larger cinemas. Take a look at our showtimes, and we'll keep the popcorn fresh for you.

Our Little Theatre showtimes In Lancaster SC are updated on a regular basis as well. You'll find a selection of the latest releases. Our movie theaters have all the current releases, and new releases are usually $5-$6. Our concession prices are much more affordable than the big theaters. Stay updated on our showtimes by either visiting our Facebook pages or giving us a call at (803) 285-5544. Get the charm of the classic, small town movie-going experience. This means we don't jack up our prices for popular movies or charge you more for our evening shows. We offer a wide selection of showtimes throughout the week.

Crown Cinema is also your local go-to source for a unique take on parties and events. Whether you're looking to have a fun birthday party or just add a little extra enjoyment to your week, we've got room for you and your friends to relax and unwind. Want to bring together a group of friends for a movie? We offer private showings at reasonable rates. You and your friends can enjoy your favorite movie in a more relaxed environment without worrying about disturbing others. Feel free to stop by the concession stand and stock up on popcorn and other treats before you get started. We also offer a wide selection of posters for sale. Movie posters make great keepsakes and gifts.

At Crown Cinema, we love movies. This is why we do our best to make the most of the movie-going experience. You still get to see the great movies you'll find at those other theaters. However, it's the extra attention to detail that enhances the thrill of seeing a movie on the big screen. Our friendly staff warmly welcomes you with fast, attentive service from the moment you step through the door. See what others are already saying about us on Facebook. See for yourself why going to the movies is still an enchanting experience, especially when you add the personal touch you only get from a locally owned business proudly serving the area.

Crown Cinema
1041 West Meeting Street
Lancaster, SC 29720

Movie Line: (803) 285-5544
Office Line : 803-285-5554


Little Theatre
506 East Dekalb Street
Camden, SC 29020

Little Theatre
506 East Dekalb Street
Camden, SC 29020
Movie Line: 803-432-7330 / 803-713-8960

Office Line : 803-432-7874

Call today to check our showtimes or to make arrangements for a party, event or private showing.